A female dachshund gets her nails trimmed by animal health technologist Jacqui Hall as animal care attendant Kimberly Berry holds her at the Chilliwack SPCA last week. A total of 18 dachshunds were surrendered to the SPCA by a Chilliwack resident who was breeding them. Of the ten who stayed at the Chilliwack branch

Dachshunds cause a flurry of excitement at Chilliwack SPCA

"They're all gone," said Ivanna Ferris, branch manager of the Chilliwack SPCA about the nervous little dogs surrendered to them.

The nervous dachshunds temporarily being housed at the Chilliwack SPCA have all found homes.

“They’re all gone,” said Ivanna Ferris, branch manager of the Chilliwack SPCA.

A handful of the small dogs are in foster care to be adopted after dental work and spaying, and the rest were adopted out after a flurry of media stories last week.

“What a wonderful response we had. So many people were eager to give these poor little critters a home. And this was despite the challenging behaviours they had, like not being house trained and the fearfulness.

“We found people were more than willing to work on these issues.”

The SPCA was busy all weekend.

“It was crazy; overwhelming,” she said.

Almost 100 people contacted the SPCA to say they were interested in these dogs.

“On Saturday, we had a lineup that was 15 people deep.”

They filled up waiting lists, and have future contacts for fosters. Some people made donations to help with the animals.

They had 10 dachshunds left in Chilliwack before the weekend, from a group of 18 in total that were surrendered to the shelter facility by a local resident who was breeding them.

“We also managed to adopt out other dogs and some kittens that were in the shelter,” said Ferris.

But she’s not surprised in the slightest by the huge outpouring of love for the animals in trouble from Chilliwack.

“Every time we have a story about dogs in this type of situation, the community is very supportive and eager to help.”