Chilliwack filling a semi truck of supplies Thursday for wildfire victims

Trucks on mission of mercy heading to the wildfire zones from Chilliwack and Mission

Volunteers are stepping forward in Chilliwack — again — to collect donations for wildfire victims from the Cottonwood Mall parking lot.

Donated goods will be trucked to Kamloops for distribution to communities devastated by B.C. wildfires.

A transport truck will be loading in Chilliwack outside the old Target store, Thursday, July 13, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., while the other truck will be at the Save-On in Mission.

The fill-the-truck initiative, searchable on Facebook as ‘Chilliwack for BC’ taps into the same generosity that came out for the ‘Chilliwack for Fort Mac’ effort last summer, organized by Gord Vanlaerhoven, for Fort McMurray wildfire victims.

“A bunch of people had the idea to replicate the same type of idea,” said Karlee Drinovz, one of the organizers, along with Liz Rasmussen, and John Sines.

She was happy to be one of the many people who donated to Chilliwack for Ft. Mac.

“I love giving back,” Drinovz said. “Last year one of my close friend’s family was evacuated. And this year I personally have connections up there who have been evacuated.”

It’s been so disheartening to watch the devastation.

“It is hard seeing your own province on fire,” she said.

Requested supplies include: protein bars, energy drinks or sports drinks, gift cards, water, snacks for victims, supplies and food for livestock and pets, and Chapstick, lozenges, and Visine for firefighters. Small propane tanks, gas cards, toiletries, diapers, wipes and non-perishable food are also good.

No clothes or furniture, please, according to organizers.

A final word about the positive energy ‘Chilliwack for BC’ is generating already.

“I just thought it would be lovely to see more good in our paper, rather than bad, and watch our province coming together in support of the fire victims,” Drinovz said.