Drivers are being asked to slow down in Chilliwack and share the road with tractors and other farm equipment. (Black Press photo)

Chilliwack asked to share the road with tractors and other farm vehicles

It matters because 67 per cent of the land base in Chilliwack is agricultural. Easy does it, please

Be a little patient right now, Chilliwack.

Drivers are being asked to “slow down and share the road” with any tractors or other farm equipment going from A to B.

This can be an issue on the back roads, as well as those leading to and from the ag areas, like Prest or Lickman or Evans Roads, as well as Yale Road East and Camp River Road.

City of Chilliwack put out a little reminder online, in concert with Safer City officials, because planting season is still underway.

“Please do your part to keep our local farmers and yourself safe on the roads,” reads the online post. “Be patient. Slow Down. Share the road.”

Chilliwack is a busy city where 67 per cent of the land base is reserved for agricultural activities, and there are more than 10,000 vehicles on the road every day, so the traffic issue is significant.

“Agriculture touches all of our lives. Show a farmer your support by slowing down and sharing the road with their farm equipment,” reads the city ad.

There are even signs around showing a pictogram of a farmer riding a tractor, with text asking motorists to: “Respect farm vehicles.”

The lumbering nature of some of the massive farm vehicles means they mosey along at about 18 km an hour, and some of the larger ones can only go 25 km/hr. If drivers want to pass they have to do it very carefully.