A spin class took place out in the sun on May 7, after thieves destroyed the front door of The Spin Room at Prospera Centre in Chilliwack. (Submitted photo)

Thieves don’t stop classes at Chilliwack’s Spin Room

Class goes ahead, despite early morning break-in at popular spin class

The clients and owners at The Spin Room weren’t about to let a couple of thieves get in their way of a good morning workout.

When they arrived at the studio on May 7, located in the back of Prospera Centre in Chilliwack, they found someone had smashed through their front door with a piece of concrete. Glass was everywhere, and they soon realized the thief or thieves had stolen their front desk till and some Spin Room marked merchandise.

But they didn’t steal the strong, positive spirit of owner Shannon Lynn and Damian Marshall.

“The clients showed up and they were sort of like, ‘let’s bring it outside, and show everyone on social media that we aren’t beaten down by this,” said Marshall.

They posted the video on Facebook and instantly received support and encouragement from clients and fellow business owners.

“We had a 9 a.m. class about to start so we had two options,” Lynn said. “Shut down class for today OR wheel the bikes out front and RIDE the crap out of them. We chose option two.”

Normally the spin class is held inside the dark, cool studio. When the clients weren’t defeated by the break in, the owners decided to roll with it.

“Shannon said ‘let’s do it, it’s great idea,” Marshall said. “So we rolled all the bikes outside, and they did their class.”

In the end, Marshall said, the thieves only made away with the till, some merchandise clearly marked with the Spin Room logo, and caused the door damage.

Soccer Plus next door to the Spin Room has had a break-in attempt, and there have been some petty theft issues inside Prospera Centre in the past.