Thirteen brand new jerseys worth $930 purchased by the NWO Roller Girls roller derby team were stolen out of the trunk of a car in Chilliwack on June 4.

Chilliwack roller derby team has brand new jerseys stolen

Thirteen custom printed shirts worth $930 taken from trunk of a car

A local roller derby team found out the hard way this weekend that there truly isn’t anything someone won’t steal.

Kristy Gaunt of the NWO Roller Girls told The Progress someone stole 13 brand new jerseys out of the trunk of a team coach’s car on the weekend.

“It’s just so frustrating,” Gaunt said. “We have a game on Friday.”

Ordered a while ago, the custom jerseys just arrived and were complete with names and numbers on the back. They cost approximately $930.

To Gaunt and her teammates, it’s not only frustrating it’s just odd someone would steal custom roller derby jerseys since they don’t have any resale value, and are so unique that if anyone was seen wearing one it would be pretty obvious.

“There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it,” she said. “It’s a fairly decent area and nobody saw her put them in the trunk.”

The jerseys were in a purple bag the trunk of a white Mazda 2 parked near Sardis elementary school.

Gaunt said she hopes if anyone sees the jerseys or hears of anyone talking about selling or trading them they will contact her via Facebook.

The names and numbers on the jerseys are as follows: Trauma hawk 911; Rex Machina 404; Thunder bunny 114; Bruise Willis 24; Carsene 204; Bionic beaches 12; Chi chi 11; Tats McGee 72 and MorgueNbodies 89