Waste plan fail in Chilliwack

How’s everyone loving this new green waste?

Where I come from cooking grease/oil, corn and citrus foods do not go into a compost pile.

If you Google this many cities have a list similar to my own, so I’m curious to know what they are doing with our food waste.

As for the paper bags, they left us with a 50 cent coupon for the Bag To Earth bags.

I can’t find them at my grocery store, and I just checked with Canadian Tire and they are all out of stock on all sizes.

BTW it’s $7 for five large bags, $2.79 for one small, and $7 for 10, 80L bags.

If you were to use one small bag in a 30-day month, that’s $83.70!

Add that to your cost to take the glass to the recycling depot.

I went to the recycling depot for the first time.

There is very little parking and it’s a gravel pit plus trying to exit left back onto Young Road is an accident waiting to happen.

Julie Bishop