Parking fees putting Cultus Lake out of reach

“How sad that even though it’s in our ‘backyard’ we will no longer get to enjoy it on a regular basis.”

Today I took my two young girls to Main Beach at Cultus Lake. I was extremely disappointed to see that parking rates have increased…again. One hour is now $3, two hours is $6 and the entire day is $10. There is no half-day option. In past years, we have been able to purchase an unlimited parking pass for $50 for six months. There is no longer an option like that available.

I understand that there are operating costs for keeping the beach so nice. I don’t mind paying a stipend for that. But $10 to take my family to the beach for more than two hours is getting ridiculous. If I was driving in occasionally from Vancouver (as so many do) that would be one thing, but in past years I have enjoyed bringing my girls there multiple times a week over the summer and we will no longer be able to justify the expense. It is one of our favourite summer locations, and we have always appreciated that it is so close to home. How sad that even though it’s in our “backyard” we will no longer get to enjoy it on a regular basis.

I know there is a free parking option at Entrance Bay. Entrance Bay, while nice enough is not fantastic for young children. The swim area is very small and gets deep very quickly. Goose poop is everywhere. Main Beach has everything a family could be looking for. I even appreciate the brand new playground that has been put in this spring. Too bad it is too expensive for me to justify going to use it on a regular basis.

A. Palaniuk