MP draws criticism for pipeline support

Tuesday night on the CBC’s TV’s The National, Chilliwack-Hope MP Mark Strahl yelled his support of the Trans Mountain Pipeline during Question Period in the House of Commons. While I appreciate his passion, Mark Strahl is abdicating his responsibility to his constituents. This is because the Trans Mountain pipeline endangers the Sardis Aquifer, the source of drinking water for most of Strahl’s constituents.

Furthermore, the NEB process which the Conservative government developed to review projects like the Kinder Morgan pipeline was reminiscent of Stalinist show trial rather than a robust evidence-based review. For instance, there was no cross-examination of the evidence presented by the proponent, and public input was restricted. The fact of the matter is the oil sector is a sunset industry.

MP Strahl and the Canadian political establishment need to look towards the future, rather than being mired in the past. Kinder Morgan is dead with the agreement between the BC Greens and BC NDP. Frankly, it already was due to low oil prices. Shilling for the oil sector while endangering his constituents’ health makes me wonder how broken our political system is. Perhaps it’s time for a new reality show, Canada’s Least Effective MP?

Our community deserves representation in Parliament, not a trained seal that barks for Calgary oil interests.

Thomas Cheney