Letter: RCMP chastised for traumatizing Chilliwack child

To the police officer who stopped my granddaughter in the road on Saturday, April 8 close to Walmart.

What were you thinking? Flashing lights, questions re: who she was, asking for her cell phone and just plain authoritative attitude. A little frightening to a 13 year old girl. Oh! Wait, you didn’t even ask how old she was!

When she was clearly upset and asked to call her mother you refused not once by twice.

After cooperating with you by giving up her cell phone as requested surely a phone call to her mother should have been allowed.

When you had satisfied yourself that she was not who you were looking for, you then left a 13 year old sobbing child standing on the street where you had originally pulled her over. What were you thinking???

Maybe you thought she would down when you left! Sorry, now she is worse because she is left alone in the street, everyone around staring at her and wondering what she had done wong. What were you thinking???

Her mother, who was volunteering for another organization, after she was contacted by her daughter raced to the location to pick her up and found a clearly traumatized child.

Is this the way you want to appear to the children who are taught to honour and respect the police? Well I am writing this to tell you that it doesn’t work. Maybe more training is needed to deal with vulnerable young children. Yes!!! Thirteen is still a young child.

Anne Boston