Enough discussion; time for action

Wow! Talk about a big disconnect between the two front page articles with Jennifer Feinberg’s byline in Wednesday’s paper.

Forty-six health and social agencies apparently “highly engaged “ and a shining example of the collaborative process and yet we have the sorry optics of the park at 5 corners.

Perhaps there are too many agencies spending too much time collaborating and brainstorming and not enough time actually solving some of the city’s thorniest issues.

That would require political will, vision and a willingness to make tough decisions regarding availability of resources.

Ultimately all politics is local. While one acknowledges the complexity of the problems they are not unique to Chilliwack. There are surely examples to draw from in searching for solutions.

If a presentation was made “showcasing what the city and its partners are up to” it would be useful and informative to provide further reportage and exposé of details in the local newspaper

Kim Harder