Cultus Lake partiers leave resident disgusted

“I didn’t rat these people out but they probably deserved it.”

Re: Long weekend partiers leave trail of garbage (at Cultus Lake)

I picked up about 40 to 60 cigarette butts out of the water and off the wooden surface of the dock in front of my home waterfront.

Approximately 20 people were drinking beer and drinking straight from a couple 26ers of vodka while throwing their garbage in the water for six hours or so. I kept wondering if parks patrol would head out and inspect but didn’t see them all day.

The group appeared to be between the ages of 16 and 18.

I picked dirty men’s socks out of the bottom of the lake by the dock and probably 10 beers cans.

The dock was slick and slimy with their spillage. It looked like they were literally urinating off the ladder while standing in the water unto their waists. I was repulsed. I picked two empty bottles of Smirnoff vodka out of the lake. Pretty gross.

I didn’t rat these people out but they probably deserved it.

Behaviour like this ruins it for everyone else. More than once I’ve seen a local peacefully enjoying the sun and a single beverage on the dock (in a discreet manner) but I’ve never seen a group be so overtly disgusting before. Bizarre.

Gwyllyn Goddard