Chilliwack recycling program causing too much aggravation

C.R.A.P. Well it was another disappointing walk back from the mail box today; no cheque from Emterra Environmental waiting for me.

So just a few thoughts on our freshly implemented “Community Recycling Aggravation Program.” Let’s refer to this as C.R.A.P. going forward for convenience, and yes this may be the ‘only’ time that you see the words CRAP and convenience tied together in the same sentence.

I should state up front that I am a believer in the concept of recycling. I like the fact that I can live in an environment of excess and still feel that I am saving the world by separating my garbage. And yes, I am slightly intimidated by those recycling commercials on TV I have to say.

However, in my opinion it is quite a leap from buying into the recycling concept and accepting without question the system that has been foisted upon us here in the ‘Whack.

As a senior, I was disappointed to lose the option of bi-weekly pickup at a reduced rate; it worked well for one of our properties.

Styrofoam. My initial information said, “good to go in the garbage.” But wait, that’s been corrected: can’t go in garbage, can’t go in recycling. I have to pile all of that stuff in my Miata and bring it down to the recycling depot. Apparently nobody quite knows what to do with this stuff. Some people might ask the question, “why the heck are we still making it?”

Bubble Wrap, over wrap. Yup, that’s me going down the street again in my Miata, looking so cool with the top down, on my way to the recycling depot plastic bubble wrap flailing out of the passenger seat area.

Glass! Who knew there was a difference between drinking glass and bottle glass, and if I drink from the bottle, what then?

Oh, and by the way, we can’t just leave this bottle glass at the curbside for pickup anymore. No, I have to pile all of that in my Miata as well and drive it down to the recycling depot. Did no one give some consideration to my trunk space before implementing this crazy program?

I’m spending way too much time thinking about garbage every time I’ve got something in my hand ready to throw away. I’m consulting a “reference guide!” It’s causing me to drink more just worrying about, which is generating more garbage that I have to take to that dreaded depot.

Anyway, what would be so wrong with just picking up a separate container exclusively for glass, all glass? And yes I know some separation may be needed, but why is that my job? Which gets me back to my initial point: for all of the driving, sorting and time spent thinking about garbage, why hasn’t Emterra sent me a cheque yet!

Brian Selby