Chilliwack Fair Board urged to continue rodeo

Please allow our rodeo to continue. I’ve personally been attending the Chilliwack Rodeo since the early 1980’s and have not witnessed any serious injuries or death. The stock is well cared for, fed, watered, respected and in many instances shown affection. The Vancouver Humane Society has a large vegan based membership that targets all rodeo activity all over the world. Only one rodeo has altered their activity due to the influence of the V.H.S. Even though that rodeo altered their acts, the V.H.S. still protest during their rodeos. They are against all animal based entertainment such as animals in movies, etc., and even horseback riding lessons, 4-H clubs, as well as many other animal activities.

Rodeos are a different entity. They have no relation to some of the inhumane practices of some cattle and chicken operations.

Anita Lem,