Canada’s attitude needs an adjustment

After reading the highly emotionally charged and poorly substantiated articles in The Progress about the Global Warming phenomenon, where even nothing less but an editorial by Black Press contributed to this atmosphere, I felt a degree of anger and sadness.

Anger because of the lack of balanced information being presented on this topic, now includes an editorial by Black Press and sadness because the valuable concept of common sense seems to be utterly lost. Lost in general in academic circles where the tolerance of diverging opinions is all but effectively programmed, but even more importantly, it seems to be lost in our collective mindset as well.

However, as long as there are people like Mr. Bugonovic who know how to dissect the prevalent emotionalism with easily verifiable comments we may still survive this current wave of lemming like collective thinking.

Note that Mr. Bugonovic never denied that climate is changing. It always has and always will. He is merely pointing out the hypocrisy of the Paris Accord for which the American President lately is being excoriated, by stating the pollution by countries such as China and India vs the US.

Have you checked the “made in……….” labels lately? If we are intellectually honest we should make sure that these huge ranges of articles and products are made in the West again. But we are not likely to do this because it is more expensive to produce it in Canada than in China. It hits us in our wallets!

Then we have not even touched on the contributions to NATO where we rank dismally low, even behind the Europeans. This also never holds a certain segment of society back from lambasting our southern neighbours. There is a word to describe this attitude!

Thank you Mr. Bugonovic for a clear message!

Gert Vande Bunte