Ashwell an accident waiting to happen

As a resident of Ashwell Road, there are many issues that need to be looked at and addressed by the City, police department and the city safety department. I have come to City Hall and phoned the police department to talk about this problem, but we had no response. Below are the points that we feel need to be addressed before there is a major accident and probably death.

• There are many examples of excess speed that are at least two to four times over the posted speed limit. This is absolutely ridiculous.

• Bike lanes need to be lined to the intersection of Deans Ave.

• There was a bike accident a few weeks ago with a cyclist being clipped by a gravel truck who did not stop. She received a broken bone.

• There are some many close calls in the area between cyclist, scooters, skate boarders and pedestrians.

• This road is now used as a main artery for many vehicles, trucks and pedestrians.

• There are also so many driveways and it is very dangerous to try to get out because of limited vision and high speeds.

One thing that would help is a hidden driveway sign as people come over the tracks at a high speed and they are going down a hill at the same time.

The road should be patrolled by the RCMP more! It would help if it was enforced for a period of time to catch the regular offenders; between 6-10 p.m. it’s like a speedway. We are very concerned that someone will be killed if this is not addressed. Many ambulances use this road and it is a miracle there has not been an accident as many cars do not pull over. It would also help if the light on Deans could be activated as it may slow down traffic. We feel the city needs to take some action on this before there is a major accident on this road, because the speed on this road is absolutely ridiculous.

Frank Bond