The Eisenhauers perform Friday, May 12 at the Acoustic Emporium. (Submitted photo)

The Eisenhauers bring new tunes to Acoustic Emporium in Chilliwack

Sheree Plett and Jeremy Eisenhauer are bringing their CD-launch tour to Chilliwack

The Eisenhauers, a duo from Kaslo, B.C., will be bringing their newly launched, Steve Dawson-produced duo debut album to Chilliwack’s Acoustic Emporium on May 12.

Music plays a novel role in the lives of Sheree Plett and Jeremy Eisenhauer, collectively known as The Eisenhauers: touring is a tie that binds their marriage together.

The two went to Nashville to make a record with the go-to-guy for great roots music, Steve Dawson, and they came away with a record deal with Dawson’s Black Hen label.

Their new album, The Road We Once Knew, was released on April 21. It is packed with all the stuff great southern roots is made of: authentic, down-home songs about family, rural life, and yes, even church. The heavenly vocals, the simple, heartrending string arrangements, the gentle harmonies and the duo’s overall maturity of sound will endear them to all who love sweet, earthy acoustic roots.

“I wanna live some place where somebody can know my name,” Plett sings wistfully at the start of ‘Don’t Lose Me’, a song Eisenhauer started while still living in Vancouver, dreaming of small town life and lamenting the lack of human connection in the city.

‘Thank You for the Years’ is a touching song of gratitude for Plett’s mom — the subject of several tracks on the album — who lived with the couple after they moved to Kaslo, then died unexpectedly.

And ‘Idaho’ is a sweet song about the family’s frequent road trips to a rural church in the state, which see them reconnecting during the early morning drives and enjoying music and community with the American country folk they meet at their “refuge.”

Perhaps the only song on the album that isn’t derived from the Eisenhauer’s own family life is ‘Spent On You,’ a song that reflects Eisenhauer’s fascination with Taylor Swift. After growing curious about her appeal, he got addicted to the album Red, and began experimenting with writing a Swift-style breakup song in The Eisenhauers’ musical style. He was forced to “borrow” the actual “source breakup” from elsewhere in the family though, since Eisenhauer and Plett’s marriage is progressing swimmingly.

The Eisenhauers perform Friday, May 12 at the Acoustic Emporium (45892 Wellington Ave.) at 7:30 p.m. (doors at 7 p.m.). Tickets are $12 at the door.

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