Snack time at Ryder Lake Ramble

The annual Ryder Lake Ramble was held on the weekend with everything from dwarf goats to wildlife to special gardens.

Hannah Denbok and friend Eric Vander Waal

Above, Hannah Denbok and friend Eric Vander Waal, both 10, laugh as Thistle, a three-month-old Nigerian dwarf goat, munches on a leaf during the Ryder Lake Ramble on Saturday.

The goats were at a small family farm on Ryder Lake Road, along with heritage chickens, and hand-made kitchen and home decor woodwork by Clegg Woodcrafts.

The farm was one of 11 locations on this year’s ramble. Other locations featured gardens, flowers, bird- and wildlife-watching spots, water features, rolling hillsides, horses, llamas, alpacas, hiking, miniature donkeys, art, and more.