In pursuit of the perfect cup

Pacific Roasters has been importing, roasting and distributing coffee for several years. Now, owner Reza Ghaffari is stepping it up a notch.

Reza Ghaffari has been importing and roasting specialty Fair Trade coffees from around the world for years. Now he’s hoping to help people get the most out of those beans.

The coffee’s always on at Pacific Roasters.

But this is not your average Chilliwack java joint.

For more than six years Pacific Roasters has been importing, roasting and distributing coffee to an ever expanding market, both here in the Lower Mainland, across B.C. and even into Alberta.

Now, owner Reza Ghaffari is stepping it up a notch.

He’s recently added a high-end commercial espresso machine, giving him the opportunity to do what he’s always set out to do: deliver the finest cup of coffee in the world.

That may seem an ambitious goal. But a conversation with Ghaffari leaves little doubt he means what he says. To say he’s passionate about coffee is like saying a lion is hungry. His love for coffee can be traced to his early youth in Iran. His father was in the coffee business, and the first beans he held was when he was only six.

Since then he has travelled the world, and sharpened his appreciation for a drink he believes too many of us take for granted.

True, Canada has come a long way from the instant coffee of our parents, sifted with “whitener” and soothed by a dollop sweetener.

But when Ghaffari thinks of coffee, he thinks back to the coffee houses of Italy, Vienna and elsewhere in Europe.

That’s the kind of experience he hopes to bring to Chilliwack.

There is an artistry in making the prefect cup of coffee, Ghaffari insists. But there is also science.

It begins with the blend of beans. Ghaffari uses several varieties to make his espresso blend that he has personally sourced from countries around the world. Each bean is chosen for its special characteristics – richness, colour, sweetness, depth and finish. They’re roasted separately and blended with a kind of ardor that has earned him the title, “King of the Espresso” from fellow coffee aficionados.

But a good blend can still be ruined if it’s not prepared correctly. That’s why Ghaffari invested in a top-of-the-line manual espresso machine. This is where the science and artistry truly meet. It’s part feel (like the amount of pressure applied to the tamper), and part knowledge, like the heat of the water or the brewing time. (“The last seven seconds are critical,” Ghaffari says.)

Even how the milk is heated can affect the complexion of the final product.

Done wrong, it’s coffee and warm milk.

Done right, “The cup will speak to you,” Ghaffari says.

With the addition of his new Brasilia coffee maker, Ghaffari can demonstrate how the perfect latté, macchiato, or espresso should taste.

But more, Pacific Roasters is also willing to lease its equipment and expertise for catered events, even other coffee shops.

It’s all part of Ghaffari’s personal mission to spread the gospel of good coffee, and share a beverage he truly believes is divine.

Pacific Roasters is located near Eagle Landing at 44981 Commercial Court in Chilliwack. For more information, call (604) 701-6887, or go to